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My life

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My life

I grew up as a city dweller. As I advanced in my career I wanted to be out of the city. I moved to a subdivision where every lot was three to five acres. It took me a while to get used to the quiet except one night in the first week I heard awful shrieking. Talking to people later I learned it was most likely an owl killing a rabbit. Apparently they don't fight quietly. It was the most horrid noises I had ever heard. I went and got a baseball bat and put it under the bed with my shotgun. Then I welcomed those quiet nights.

A friend who raises peacocks said when he had closer neighbors than he does now the police regularly got called with reports of a woman screaming on his property. He also said peacocks make excellent watch animals--not only do the scream at any car that drives in, but the noise, especially in the dark, is enough to unnerve anyone who doesn't know what it is! (Geese make great watch animals, too--they are just the right height and have strong enough bills to make any man approaching them clasp his genitals and retreat.)

However, these days I appreciate calm and silent hours when I work on writing service orders.

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